Alex Martin author of The Twisted Vine

Alex Martin author of The Twisted Vine

<a href="\” style=\”float: left; padding-right: 20px\”><img alt="White Horizon" border="0" src="\” /><a href="\”>White Horizon by <a href="\”>Jan Ruth

My rating: <a href="\”>5 of 5 stars

Please, please can I order a Daniel to take home. Doesn\’t need gift wrapping, I\’ll take him warts and all. Not that he had any. Just charm, chaos, integrity and a massive loving heart. Not a cardboard cutout hero but a real, believable man. He was joined by an able cast of characters, each with their own involving stories. Jan Ruth intertwines them all with great skill, humour and compassion. Luckily for me, I know she has two other books already written and I can\’t wait to wrap myself up in them, if they are half as good as White Horizon. A recommended read for grown-ups in the real world, we see here true to life characters struggling with challenges and problems we can all identity with. I was in love with all of them by the end, but Daniel will remain forever in my heart. Highly recommended reading.

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