Another beta reader\'s verdict of Daffodils

Here\’s some of the content I received from my most ruthless, spares me nothing, beta reader.  She\’s just finished her first read through and, as you will see, couldn\’t stop long enough to make more specific comments because she was too enthralled!  I am thrilled…

\”I\’ve read the book right through now and it is, for me, so much more enjoyable to read than the TV (The Twisted Vine).  It feels like you\’ve constructed it so well, and each part is well thought through, with some truly inspired descriptive writing.  It\’s much meatier and I like that.   Some of the descriptions of the battle scenes  in France are done with such perception and insight, it\’s excellent!  I really felt the complete horror of it all, along with the complete pointlessness.  You\’ve done some other gorgeous intuitive writing too, but I\’ll have to go through it again and pick bits out to feedback to you.  I became so involved in the story and so determined to \’turn the page\’ that I was caught up and didn\’t want to hover and delay things.\”

\”All readers read with their own \’back stories\’ which influence the way they individually perceive books, so you are never ever going to please all the people all the time, but with Daffodils, I reckon you\’ve done a great job and will win over thousands more than with your first published book.  This one deserves to be seen by an agent and publishers.  Proper job.  You\’ll do it and it will sell … in shops … and airports and all that.  Really!\”

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