Glass of red anyone?

5.0 out of 5 stars the twisted vine 5 Feb 2013

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

I hope someone makes a film about this wonderful book, The Twisted Vine.

By the end, of it you will feel as if you have been picking grapes yourself
and enduring all the madness of the adventure.

This book is all about love, death and intrigue in the South of France.
Two well told stories run side by side, until they collide in a shocking
turn of events, which bring all the characters of the book together.

The pace of the book is exciting but quite exhausting. It will make you
want to drink a lot of red wine! And take off your clothes.

Roxanne, the central character, is young, brave and resilent.
Peter her gay, public school friend keeps her sane as they
pick grapes together. The hours are long and the work is hard.
It is also very, very hot.

Roxanne and Henry fall in love. But Yvanne challenges Roxanne for
Henry\’s affections. And then against the pop and fizz of young
love something a lot more sinister emerges.

Roxanne is on the run from a \”wretched creep\” and would be rapist,
Armand le Clair. And the novel gathers momentum, their paths cross again.

Armand kills an innocent man and it is Roxanne who is responsible for
seeing justice is done.

Louis, the vineyard owner is then left by his wife and mistress in
an extraordinary but convincing twist of the plot.

This is simply, the most exciting book, I have read for a long time.
And it is also very emotional. It is the little details that make
it special. Alex Martin is a very gifted writer.

Please can someone make a film about it soon?

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