The Front Cover for Daffodils

Here is the front cover for Daffodils, thanks to the expertise and patience of Jane Dixon Smith.

Findng a picture without copyright issues was quite a task. 
This wasn\’t my first choice but now I feel it\’s just right for the story.  This is a true photograph of some WAAC girls on the beach in France in 1918 and fits the story like a glove. 
The field of daffodils represents the lines of the war dead from the First World War but also renewal and hope, which are important themes in the book.  They also signal change and the energy of  new beginnings and that also chimes with the story.
The young women playing in the sea symbolise the emancipation of women during this era.  Note how they support each other.

I\’m planning to launch the book on Amazon very soon – to coincide with the beginning of Spring – because that\’s when daffodils will be in bloom.
See you soon!

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