Blurb writing

I have struggled and struggled to write the Blurb for Daffodils. It\’s not an easy book to encapsulate into a few crisp words and so far I have not yet hit on the right note.  WW1 was a big event and the story is ambitious. It seems at first to be a simple love triangle but aims to show how society changed and in doing so, became the springboard for the way we live today. Women\’s roles were reversed by necessity as so many men were killed in battle. Little villages like Upper and Lower Cheadle were devastated by the loss of a whole generation of young men and divided over conscientious objectors.

here\’s my latest effort:

Set in WW1 when Edwardian England’s stiff social structures were rent asunder, Daffodils follows three people through this turbulent time. Katy, frustrated as a domestic servant and longing to escape; Jem who loves Katy and cannot have her; and Lionel, fresh from missionary work in India, ambitious, arrogant and full of radical ideas. War affects them all and changes their lives forever.

Comments would be welcome.

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