Lost in France

Absence due to holiday in France. We booked this week off in February, hoping that some warmth and sunshine would buck us up. It was so cold the first night when we camped at the dockside that the gas bottle froze. We had no electricity so we froze too.  It stayed cold until yesterday (and I mean icy) when we had a storm with hailstones and violent winds that brought down tree branches.  We have one day left so now it\’s warming up a bit – the heady heights of double figured temperatures – yes about 12 degrees – wow.  The sky is still grey but there are hints of blue. Just hope the sea is smooth for tomorrow\’s ferry crossing!
Still the coffee is good and the food and we are staying next to a beautiful lake surrounded by well managed woodland and wildlife. The birdsong is amazing.  It has been very peaceful and a good rest.

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