Thought the paperback would never pass through the publisher\'s screening!

Hallelujah! Finally, got the paperback of DAFFODILS through the screeniing processing for publishing.  It\’s taken weeks of correspondence with the nice FeedARead people. Mostly because I have used several different fonts in lots of letters from the characters in the book.  Letters were the only way people could communicate then – or the dreaded telegraph – so had to be included.  Also the characters are so different – Lionel with his pompous articulate style, Jem with his honest sincerity, Agnes with her country burr and Cassandra with her modern vivacious energy.  They each deserved to have their own distinct handwriting and was was determined to achieve that.  Had I known how tricky it was to be I might have not started but once I begin a procedure I like to follow through.
So, it\’s gone to the printers at last.
More waiting until I clutch my second \’egg\’ to my fast beating heart.
Better get in the garden and do a bit of digging!
You can be sure its arrival will be posted here….

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