Dizzy C\'s Little Book Blog: Daffodils by Alex Martin

Dizzy C\’s Little Book Blog: Daffodils by Alex Martin: Today Alex Martin joins me to share an excerpt from her novel Daffodils Publisher:  FeedARead.com (2 May 2013) ISBN-13:  978-178299…

Thrilled to guest on this great blog.  Dizzy C is a reviewer and avid reader with a big following so this is a great honour.  I\’ve put big fat chunks of Daffodils on the blog for people to get a flavour of the book.  I worry that the beginning of the book is a little misleading in flavour but I\’m trying to show how narrow country lives in Edwardian England really were; how every problem was a big drama for villagers and then show how they became swamped with the global conflict of World War One.  At its heart though, Daffodils is a love story full of poignant real life romance.  Katy is torn in many directions but ultimately, arrives at her authentic self, after many trials and tribulations.

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