New Review for The Twisted Vine

Twisted  VineI loved The Twisted Vine for its great opening and I was thrown into the setting straight away. I revelled in the scenes of beautiful, suave France, of her vineyards, little cafes, picturesque views and delicate French accents.
Twisted Vine is about Roxanne who goes to France to get away from her undesirable life in London, leaving a father whom she never really connected with, to be looked after in a home. But this story is not about the father, not really.
We learn of Roxanne’s life as she travels up and down the country in search of vineyards for work, and as she does, she meets some good friends: Peter, Harry and Yvanne and she also meets a man who tries to take advantage of her.
For those who don’t know about the work of grape picking, this is a great book that takes you right to the centre of it. Alex Martin gives us a close insight of the harrows and the complaints. Then she takes away all that pain and brings us to glorious food and chatter among the grape pickers.
As there is a light side to the story, there is also a dark and sinister side. The story slowly unfolds and the reader comes upon a death, which saddened me. The mix of emotions play well with the mix of characters who are linked in one way or another.
The characterisation was blissfully uncomplicated and easy to follow. We don’t get to discover their backgrounds as much as I would have liked to, but perhaps that is a good thing – letting the focus stay on Roxanne and Armand, who bring the story full circle.
One scene that I loved was when Roxanne found peace and solitude at a convent. I felt the sheer happy but silent environment, and followed Roxanne’s thoughts throughout her stay there.
The pace of the story is just right and the reader glides into each chapters beautifully. Twisted Vine is the perfect name for such a story. There is romance and danger, a prefect recipe!

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