#Historical Fiction Fan gives Daffodils 5*****\'s!

Delighted with this American reader\’s review of Daffodils on www.amazon.com

5.0 out of #5 stars
#Heart Wrenching Romance of WWI Era, July 19, 2013

Amazon Verified Purchase(What\’s this?)

This review is from: Daffodils (#Kindle Edition)

Daffodils is an exciting novel about headstrong Katherine Phipps, set in England during the days leading to WWI, and ending after the armistice. The story is deeply romantic and personal, leading Katherine from her home in Wiltshire to service the the WAAC along the coast of France. Katherine\’s character and that of her love Jem grow and become stronger as their lives both become entwined in the war. Meeting new steadfast friends, Ariadne and Cassandra, the young women experience the harshness of wartime, but come develop into even stronger women.

I highly #recommend Daffodils as a great read for those who love historical fiction.

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