En Vacance!

I\’m on holiday in France but did a quick check via a wifi cafe to discover that The Rose Trail has now moved up to the Bestseller\’s league on www.youwriteon.com This is immensely pleasing and a longed for goal.
I\’m hoping that I will receive some professional advice on this work in progress which I\’m sure will prove useful.
Meanwhile Daffodils and The Twisted Vine continue to sell well on www.amazon.com
Writing books is my pension plan so it feels really good that sales continue in my absence from the computer!
I\’m sitting in a library in deepest France – Saintes – to be precise and in the hushed environment of mutual learning I\’m catching up with all my internet news (okay then gossip) and important things like the weather forecast and my horoscope.
I\’m supposed to be researching something for the new story but time is short and my computer habits are very ingrained!
A bientot!

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