These are quotes from the wonderful blog by Dizzy C. Dizzy is the most generous supporter of indie authors everywhere and works really hard to give them maximum exposure and encouragement.  I\’d forgotten to check back for replies so was really delighted to find these lovely comments on Daffodils.
Here\’s the link to Dizzy\’s blog – highly recommended for all readers who want to connect with great books.

Long excerpts from Daffodils are displayed on Dizzy\’s blog if you want more of a taster than you get on and but be warned! there are SPOILERS!!!

  1. \”An interesting era. I was also immediately drawn by the cover. Put me in mind of WWI poppy fields and men going across no-man\’s land – changed to women and daffodils: got the brain working, so many images and a new viewpoint. Sounds like I\’m talking twaddle, but I know what I mean. best of luck with Daffodils. This is the first reaction to the excerpts on Dizzy\’s Blog post by Carl Plummer.\”

Well observed Carl! That\’s exactly what I was aiming for with the cover. The men who served during the Great War (silly name) suffered so much and died in such numbers that the vital role women played at this crucial time in our history is often overlooked. Although this story is full of dramatic history on a global scale, it is also a tender love story about real people. Thank you so much for your interest.
    1. This is a story that just begs to be read, the writing delightful and the tension stretching across each page.

      Thank you so much Guernsey Girl. I was just checking back through Dizzy\’s wonderful book blog and was delighted to find your remarks. I am thrilled with your words. They have made my day. I hope you felt interested enough to go on to read the rest of the book and, if so, that you enjoyed it. Great to meet you here and so sorry it\’s taken me ages to spot your reply!

  • New 5* review for Daffodils

    5.0 out of 5 stars An inspiring story… 25 Sep 2013


    \”This was a great read, and a story well written. It had just the right level of everything. Not too many gory details but enough to provide an understanding of the gravity of the situation, and I loved the fact that it was written largely from a female perspective. Considering what a massive part women played in WW1 it has a habit of being forgotten. I cried at points but didn\’t melt entirely in the way that I have done in the past with my WW1 reading! The section based in Etaples was also fascinating because, again, it is very easy to focus on what happened on the front line and forget that effects of the war were very far reaching and impacted all parts of life, both near and far. \”

    Great to have a new 5* review for Daffodils – and I had another 5* rating on Goodreads yesterday so feel I\’m on a roll.  I suspect that the reader who wrote the above had a deep interest in this era of our history. Sounds like she has read up on the subject pretty widely so I\’m relieved, if so, that my research passed muster.
    She completely understood one of the main themes of the book – the feminist perspective – so often overlooked because of the dreadful treatment of serving men at the Front but the women also sacrificed so much and were both liberated and shocked by their experiences.  I was also pleased that this reader felt I had portrayed the right level of violence the men on the front encountered. That was a hard thing to pull off.  I did read about the atrocities in graphic detail myself but had to decide how much to include into a tender love story.  I am so pleased that the gravity of the situation came across but didn\’t alienate.

    The Tenby Book Fair

    I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Tenby Book Fair last Saturday.  I met some lovely authors there including Judith Barrow (Changing Patterns and Patterns of Shadows) who organised the event.  Judith is warm, generous and very reassuring.  She hails from the north of England, where the above two books (highly recommended) are set during World War Two.
    I also met Thorne Moore (A Time for Silence) who is a local author and a very interesting person. Thorne also makes miniature furniture for dolls houses – a multi-talented lady! Other authors included Mhari Matheson (The Tinker Girl) and Sally Spedding (Malediction and Cold Remains). Sally was kind enough to recommend an agent she thought might be interested in my work.  Books were swapped and experiences  of writing exchanged. A really worthwhile jaunt.  Pity about the weather – we were shrouded in swirling sea mists all weekend but the warmth in St Mary\’s Church Hall more than made up for it.

    Here I am looking unnecessarily apprehensive at the beginning of the day. Note the daffodil brooch that one of my lovely aromatherapy clients knitted for me after reading Daffodils!

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    Tenby Book Fair – my first ever book signing event!

    Very proud to have been invited by the delightful Judith Barrow (Pattern of Shadows, Changing Patterns) to attend the Tenby Book Fair this Saturday.

    TENBY TODAY | NEWS | Book fair | 2013… 21st Sept 13
    Venue: Church House

    Time: 10am -12pm

    Details: The book fair will be the first event of the Tenby Arts Festival 2013 Saturday 21st September, 10.00 am–noon in the Church House, St. Mary’s Church. We have a brilliant line-up of Welsh authors who will be there to talk about and sign their books. I am thrilled to announce the authors will include Catrin Collier, Phil Carradice, Sally Spedding, Jenny Lloyd, Alex Martin, Judith Arnopp, Judith Barrow and many others.

    Admission: Free

    I\’m really excited to be part of this and slightly nervous too, having never \’come out\’ as an author before! It will be great to connect with other writers and hopefully quite a few readers too. 
    Tenby is a lovely town in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.  It is crammed with good eateries, has a fantastic and unusual town beach that catches the sunshine on its warm south facing cliffs.  It is steeped in history as evidenced by the great variety of architecture of varying ages from the ancient town walls to the Regency hotels that line the front and the fishermen\’s cottages that huddle around the picturesque harbour.
    A perfect destination for an autumn weekend or day out.
    Hope to see you there!

    Lovely surprise 5* review brings UK total to 10

    10 reviews now clocked up on Amazon UK and 11 in the States

    Just checking the page and found the latest one:

      ***** Captivating read, 3 Sep 2013

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)

    This review is from: Daffodils (Kindle Edition)

    I found daffodils a captivating read. Within the first few pages I felt immersed in the lives of the main characters finding myself not wanting to put the book down, and when I did I found my mind drifting back and wondering what was going to happen next. A novel set in wartime would not be my usual choice however having enjoyed the authors\’ first novel, The Twisted Vine, so much, I was keen to see if this matched up and was pleased to find it did not disappoint. It gave a wonderful mix of characterisation and an informative and intelligent portrayal of the impact of war time on ordinary lives. I can thoroughly recommend this book.

    Average= 5 stars now after 10 reviews and 4.6 after 11 in US

    Well chuffed!

    Now getting stuck in to the new story in earnest. Watch this space!