Research for The Rose Trail

I\’m finding the research about the English Civil War fascinating.  It was a complex time of political manoevrings between King and parliament before the war eventually broke out.  With the gift of hindsight it seems obvious and inevitable that the power struggle would end in conflict.  Charles 1 was an arrogant king destined to clash with his Parliament but I suspect no-one would have wanted it to end up with his head severed from his diminutive body.  As in today\’s ebook revolution, there was also an explosion of information spread throughout the country with the advent of printing.  As our generation is also experiencing, there is nothing like information being exposed for the first time to get you thinking. 


This crucial time in British history set the precedent for much of our parliamentary procedures today.  It was the first democracy in the world and, as with all compromises, wasn\’t perfect.  I\’m enjoying learning more about this revolutionary era, even though I have to converse with ghosts to fully understand it….but more of that later!

Here\’s a picture of the new King James Bible, printed in 1613:

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