A Time for Silence by Thorne Moore

It\’s a phrase often used and abused but I truly couldn\’t put this book down.  I met Thorne at a book fair and we enjoyed chatting to each other. She is a delightful person who\’s easy to spend time with but, as I suspected then, she has hidden depths.
I thoroughly recommend A Time for Silence, her debut novel. It explores the darkest of themes in a dual time frame.  Thorne lifts the covers off the black heart of the book in slow degrees, as the contemporary narrator investigates her family\’s past. 
I gave it a well deserved five stars and my review, with the link to the book, is below:

5.0 out of 5 stars Utterly gripping 9 Oct 2013

By Alexx

Format:Kindle Edition

A skilfully crafted novel in dual time. In the modern story we have a parallel of the mystery that obsesses Sarah as she embarks on a cathartic journey into her family\’s dubious past. The sparkling dialogue disguises the nature of her relationship with Mark and it is only when she uncovers true abuse of power that she understands what is going on in her own life. It is just as well that Ms Moore reveals the dark secrets of Cwmderwen slowly as it would be overwhelming otherwise. There is a lot of wisdom about human nature in this gripping novel, with both dark and light portrayed realistically, when a God fearing man, cloistered within a chapel community in deepest Wales, allows his pride to undo him and his family. I couldn\’t put it down is an overworked phrase but I simply couldn\’t. Yes, I could guess the outcome but not how it would unravel and what the psychological ramifications on each character would be. A highly recommended read. I can\’t wait for Ms Moores next offering.

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