Charlotte, thank you!

On a quiet rainy Sunday a new 5* review lifted me and the gloom outside.  Just checking one of my babies and there it was a new review.  Anyone who takes the time and trouble to write a review knows not what solace they give to an aspiring author.  Writing is a disciplined, lonely old job and knowing that you have given a reader solace, pleasure and hopefully something to think about is the one thing that often keeps you going.  I take the opportunity now to thank each and every reviewer of both my books, The Twisted Vine and Daffodils, for their time and energy and sheer generosity in posting a positive review.

Here\’s the latest:

5.0 out of 5 stars A great read, 13 Oct 2013

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This review is from: Daffodils (Kindle Edition)

I really loved this book.I have never written a review before but have just finished it this minute. Daffodils was written at a perfect pace which meant it kept me wanting to read.The characters were well formed and believable. It also made me cry a few times and I enjoyed the historical detail. As good as The Twisted Vine -Alex Martins first book. Looking forward to the next .

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