Self publishing isn\’t all plain sailing. I\’ve been working intensively on Daffodils for about four weeks now, revising, polishing, tweaking and clipping it. I\’m immensely grateful to John Hudspith (editor @ ) who explained previously unknown rules about writing to me – things like POV filter, some formatting issues and simply over-writing.
Having gone through the entire manuscript this morning, sitting in my dressing-gown, too wrapped up in it to notice, I took the plunge and uploaded the new, crisper version of my treasure to KDP. As it was whirring through the upload, our internet connection cut out.
Now I cannot access my book to check if it\’s the right version, if the new formatting has worked or the new blurb looks good on the and .com pages.
This is total agony! I know I only have to wait for it to go live but the frustration of that long-awaited moment is pretty testing.
I\’m going to go out for a walk in the autumn sunshine to clear my head and stop myself from throwing the computer through the window.
I might even get dressed first.
Hopefully, the new version is being installed, as I type.  When, if, it arrives, I shall trumpet it loud and clear on this blog!

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