Free promotion for Daffodils starts today

The FREE promotion for Daffodils starts today on and world wide.

I have very mixed feelings about giving away my book. It took me ten years to write, off and on and a great deal of research, but as a new author, these promotions seem to be the best way of getting stories out there to be read and enjoyed.

I hope everyone who downloads Daffodils will enjoy the story and if they do, to return the favour with a positive review, as a thank you. Positive reviews are great motivators to us writers!

A sequel is planned with the same characters following the story on through the post war years of the twenties. Katy will continue to challenge the men around her and the massive changes that the war triggered will lead to all sorts of interesting conflicts and challenges for the characters you will meet in Daffodils.  I haven\’t yet written a single word, as I\’m working on another story at the moment, but the ideas are flooding in.  I even have a title – Speedwell.

When the current work in progress, The Rose Trail, and the sequel to Daffodils, Speedwell, are published, it will be announced here.

Happy reading! And thank you for your interest in my work. I do love to write, and appreciate every single person who reads my stories and any positive feedback you feel moved to say.

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