Centenary year for WW1 – Read Daffodils http://amzn.to/141yEIG

Few people, certainly including me, know how much women contributed to the war effort in WW1. Only when I started researching for #Daffodils, did I discover the massive efforts they made to help protect and serve the men on the front. It was exhausting, fascinating and humbling to discover the roles women took on that were previously considered to be exclusively male.
I found it cruelly ironic that it was women who made the bombs that killed men but also it was women who cleaned up the mess afterwards, driving ambulances, mending them and keeping the whole war machine running.
These gender-swapping unsung heroes have been unsung too long. Writing Daffodils is my way of honouring them and saying thank you. And of course, there was love – there is always love.


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