#Free Promotion for The Twisted Vine scheduled http://amzn.to/UzYbI8

Free promotion for The Twisted Vine is schedule for


From 12th February through to Valentine\’s Day, the 14th February 2014

The Twisted Vine is set in deepest France and is a deeply romantic but suspenseful tale. Roxanne Rudge escapes her cheating boyfriend by going grape-picking. She feels vulnerable and alone in such a big country where she can\’t speak the language and is befriended by Armand le Clair, a handsome Frenchman. Armand is not all he seems, however, and she discovers a darker side to him before uncovering a dreadful secret. She is aided and abetted by three new friends she has made, charming posh Peter, a gifted linguist, the beautiful and vivacious Italian, Yvane, and clever Henry of the deep brown eyes and the voice to match. Together they unravel a mystery centred around a beautiful chateau and play a crucial part in its future.

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