Review from #strongly recommended!

Wonderfully atmospheric and enticingly mysterious, The Twisted Vine is the debut novel from author Alex Martin. An evocative mystery that takes a delightful foray into the heart of France, where the best laid plans take an unexpected turn. A journey of self-discovery, love and tragedy that elegantly contrasts the essence of French life with darker and infinitely more sinister overtures. Cleverly constructed and written with an acerbic pen, Martin transports her readers to a transient world that she imbues with life through inspired character development and an ear for authentic dialogue. It’s a truly engaging tale which turns a simple journey into an all-encompassing adventure that tests the boundaries of courage and resourcefulness at a time of vulnerability.
Impeccable in detail, memorable and enthralling, The Twisted Vine is a notable debut from an author with a bright future ahead of her and is strongly recommended.

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