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Roxanne is escaping from her cheating boyfriend but she still hasn’t learned enough about men to avoid some awkward moments. She does find true love in this story, but not before she has uncovered a terrible crime in the beautiful French chateau where she is working. The lives of the rich family who live there are twisted and complex and Roxanne has to find all her courage before she can unravel the mystery that coils around the le Clair family like a snake.
We love stories like this. 
The Twisted Vine is an unusual book. The research is genuine, based on my own experiences of picking grapes in France in the 1980′s. I met some wonderful people on my travels, but none quite so alarming as the charming, flawed Armand, whom Roxanne meets by chance.
Despite the crime you’ve mentioned, this is a love story, right? 
Travel. Romantic Suspense.
Tell us about Roxanne. 
Roxanne Rudge thought life was going okay. She had a decent, if boring job, and a nice boyfriend. Except he turned out not to be nice at all. So, after this discovery, she escapes to France for a summer of grape-picking. Roxanne loves to clash colours with her clothes and her spiky red hair is unconventional. She’s a good singer and wants to learn to play the keyboard. Life hasn’t been kind, her mother died of cancer when she was thirteen and she had to look after her Dad, whose drinking made him lose his job and his friends. This trip to France is the first time she’s broken away to do her own thing. What she didn’t expect was to get embroiled in murder, betrayal and to fall in love.
Murder! And you say this story is based on your own experiences? 
Well, I did escape a disastrous marriage by going grape-picking but, luckily for me, I didn’t meet a creep like Armand. Can’t stay in tune when I sing, either. I think I love France a lot more than Roxanne does.
And no murders either, we assume. 
Have you written any other books? 
Yep, Daffodils is completely different! It’s a tender love story set in World War One and shows how the war crept up on the working class life of a young couple, just starting out in life. They each serve at the Front in different ways. The impact of this global conflict on everybody in Europe was far reaching, especially for the role of women, and Daffodils aims to bring this out. Ultimately, though it’s a love story, and promises hope for the future, however uncertain. I’m working on a sequel at the moment, which I hope will be book two of a trilogy.
Come tell us about it when it’s done. Meanwhile, tell us about yourself. 
I’ve wanted to write since I could read, aged seven but life got in the way. Now I’m loving indulging this passion. Professionally, I’m a therapist in a private practice.
Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work? alexxx8586.blogspot.com.
Are you on Twitter? alexxx8586@twitter.com


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