Research for Peace Lily

Had a great trip to the New Forest. Gloomy old weather with lowering skies and tons of road blocks which meant a lot of frustration in the car but when it came to cars, Beaulieu really delivered. Thanks to the nameless guide who was a fountain of patience and knowledge about vintage cars.
This jigsaw of pictures is mostly of a Sunbeam Saloon c. 1913 which features large in Peace Lily. I\’m working on the second draft and that jigsaw too is slotting together.

Been busy!

Sorry for lack of posts lately. Been busy. My dog died and I was devastated. Had lots of other things going on too with work and family stuff. Life just had to take over from writing.
But this week I\’m off to Beaulieu Castle to do some research for Peace Lily. They have the National Motor Museum there and a mock up of a 1930\’s garage. 10 years too late but it\’ll be fascinating none the less. I\’m fully engaged with the second draft rewrite now and this will stimulate the creative juices nicely.
Back soon!