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Thanks to \’Silver Unicorn\’ for posting this review which perfectly captures what I was trying to achieve in telling a personal story within such a tragic timeframe of WW1.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating and a great source of WW1 15 Aug 2014
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I literally had a lump in my throat at the end of the story. You must be thinking why I am talking about the end of a book at the beginning of the review? The reason is because a great ending is what MAKES a Good Book, and Daffodils is a Good Book!

It is the story of two working class British citizens – Katy and Jem, whose story will take you through hardships that are personal at first, but then that will see the First World War. We see a joining of two hearts – reluctant as it was on Katy\’s part- but that blossomed into love. They fare through a loss so great, it divides them, and this is what makes Jem sign up to serve his country. He leaves frail Katy behind, and she battles each day without her love. She is alone, and confused of what could have been of their marriage. She questions her behaviour, could she have done more to make him stay?

On the news of Jem\’s possible death at the front line in France, and a marriage proposal on the same day, Katy is more confused than ever. She knows she has one choice – finding Jem. She decides to go and find her husband.

From a working class girl to a person who acquires great prestige, Katy makes sure she works hard. She becomes friends with two unlikely girls had the war not have happened, and she witnesses things too terrible to withhold! Jem\’s story is just as enlightening and horrendous as Katy\’s, when he joins the army. He makes many friends but loses that many too, as bombs and bullets spare only a minimal. My heart goes out to Jem but I also feel proud of him.

Alex Martin has dedicated a lot of love, care, and attention whilst writing this splendid book and we learn a lot about WW1 on a personal level, rather than a textbook read. Daffodils has opened my eyes on many aspects of that period that is lost on many of us, such as women driving ambulances, women nursing injured men, women fixing vehicles and attending clerical work whilst the war rages on.

I enjoyed reading about the interaction between fellow war comrades no matter what rank they were. The detail of this part of history is vastly relevant to the story, and a delight to digest. I couldn\’t stop and the story had me turning the pages – I needed to know what happened next!

I salute Alex Martin for bringing a great book to us to commemorate the First World War!\”