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New promotion for Daffodils is coming up! Bookmark Wednesday 1st October in your diary and grab a bargain when it will be on for 99 cents for 24 hours! See why it has received over 60 reviews worldwide and more on Goodreads and is rated at an average of 4.5*s.
WW1 dragged even a tiny village like Cheadle into its savage net. How would you react if faced with the challenges that beset Katy and Jem?

They face even more in Peace Lily, the sequel, which will be out very soon. Last few tweaks being ironed out with beta readers but it is completed. There may even be a third book next year but in the meantime I\’m working on a quite different project in a different time and place.

One thing\’s for sure, I can\’t stop writing!

Peace Lily

Wipe the sweat from my furrowed brow.
 Just completed the 5th, yes 5th,
draft of Peace Lily and this time I\’ve had that rubik cube moment,
where the whole plot clicks together, all the loose ends are tied up and it feels RIGHT!
Off to polish it now before attending the Tenby Book Fair tomorrow where I shall gloat in the warm feeling of having finished my current work.
Thank goodness!

#Slow but steady progress on Peace Lily, sequel to #Daffodils

I know, I know, it\’s taking ages. Life took over for a while with real problems that couldn\’t be shelved but I\’m back at the coalface now, hacking away at the 5th draft of Peace Lily.
A climax can sometimes be elusive!!! but I\’m getting there. I was hoping to have the paperback of Peace Lily sitting fat and complacent in my hands at the #Tenby Book Fair but alas that deadline has slipped out of my grasp.
I decided that a quality ending beat a quick one and I\’m working as hard as inspiration will allow to get it done, certainly this side of Christmas.
When it\’s ready – it\’ll be posted here, there and everywhere.
Thanks for your patience!

small but sweet review of #Daffodils in UK – makes 22 x 4.8* average

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5.0 out of 5 stars WW 1 Heartbreaker., 10 Sep 2014
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This review is from: Daffodils (Kindle Edition)
An incredibly moving tale of WW1. I was moved to tears in places with this story, praying for a happy ending. But I can\’t disclose that, you will have to read it for yourself. Handy tip. You\’ll need a big box of tissues at the ready.

Favourite authors

Got tagged in a facebook game of favourite authors. This is my list but there are very many ommissions:

1. Jane Austen – P&P, and Persuasion my two favourites. Such crisp language and I adore her dry ironic humour on the vagaries of human character flaws. Delicious.
2. Rediscovering Elizabeth Goudge at the mo. Read her children\’s books when a kid but enjoying her intimate knowledge of the human soul as an adult. Just have to get past the Christian labels but fantastic prose.
3. Love all the Poldark series. Have been in love with Ross for years.
4. For a the best all round novel I love EM Forster – particularly Howard\’s End. Again the frailty of people is well portrayed but he weaves in themes of his era so seamlessly you only realise the point of the book after you\’ve finished it.
5. Yes, Dorothy Dunnett – swallowed the Nicholas series whole when I discovered it a few years ago.
6. Loved Mary Stewart\’s Arthur legend books.
7. Georgette Heyer and Agatha Christie informed and entertained my teenage years.
8. Adored Audrey Niffenegger\’s Time Traveller\’s Wife – made me cry.
9. Really enjoy Joanna Trollope\’s sharp insights
10. As a Francophile and a good laugh Peter Mayle gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
There are so many others and I\’m pressed for time and have excluded Hardy, Lawrence, Shakespeare and many other modern writers who make me think and laugh but these ten are deffo faves.