#WW1 Armistice Day Daffodils on promotion as a salute at 99p

I have been very moved by the tributes paid to all the service men and women who have given their lives in defence of their country and to preserve world peace.
In Daffodils I tried to do them justice in telling the tale of not only an ordinary country man, from a small, rather feudal village in deepest Wiltshire, but also how the war affected his wife. She became a mechanic on the Front for the BEF, working on motorbikes and ambulances and playing a vital part in the war effort.
Daffodils was my salute to them all and in Peace Lily we discover how they coped with life after this massive conflict. They came home changed and shaken to find the world had not moved on in the same way. This lead to a different sort of conflict, an inner one, as they came to terms with life after their great sacrifice.
Daffodils is still on promotion at 99pence as my tiny contribution to their poignant legacy.

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