Peace Lily review in US 5*s

This review is from: Peace Lily (The Katherine Wheel Book 2) (Kindle Edition) 5*s
Even though this was the second book in a series, it can certainly be read as a standalone book. Katy Phipps and Cass Smythe come from two very different worlds but show how their worlds have collided. The journey of the two girls through the war in Daffodils shows how they are alike and how they are different. The war changed so many things and so many things were left unchanged. But Katy accompanies Cassandra across the ocean for a trip to Boston. The story details their adventures of love and friendship in Boston. But when things go very wrong and Katy returns early, Jem, Katy\’s husband, stands by her for all time. Katy wants to dream of a better life but seems to always have roadblocks thrown in front of her.

Martin\’s character development and descriptions bring these families to life. I felt myself cheering for their successes and crying for their setbacks.

While there wasn\’t nearly the historical references in Peace Lily, I recommend this book for anyone looking for an enjoyable read. I\’m hoping that there will be another book in the series and Martin has left that door open.

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