#FREE DAFFODILS 5th & 6th December 2014 #WW1Centenary offer HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

I\’m offering Daffodils for free for a couple of days!

It\’s my way of marking the centenary year of World War One and a sort of Christmas present too!
The sequel, Peace Lily, is now published if you want to read on and a third book, Speedwell, is planned for the new year.


Daffodils has now received 65 reviews between the US and UK and even more on #Goodreads
It\’s averaging 4.6*s from those and Peace Lily is scoring even higher, over a smaller number.

Grab a bargain – this won\’t happen again for quite a while!


Remember – you can show appreciation by posting a constructive review – this is what keeps us writers going.

Thanks to everyone who\’s already done this – It is VERY much appreciated!

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