The freedom to explore @pruebatten on #indie publishing on #HNSA2015 blog @histnovsoc #historical

The freedom to explore @pruebatten on #indie publishing on #HNSA2015 blog @histnovsoc #historical
This is the link to a wonderful blog post by the ever lovely Prue Batten, a fantastic Australian author.
She writes, very movingly, about the journey undertaken by self publishing authors About the freedom and creativity that flows from it and the bravery needed to undertake it.
I feel privileged to have met Prue through the writing community of indie writers and recommend her blog and books unreservedly.

Prue Batten will be appearing at the 2015 HNSA Conference in Sydney, Australia, in the following panel:

22 March 2015

12.15-1.15 pm Session Four

The Path Less Travelled: Indie Publishing and the Freedom to Explore
The self-publishing revolution has given authors the opportunity to reach readers directly and break through the constraints of writing about eras that are only deemed ‘marketable’. Elisabeth Storrs discusses how and why Prue Batten, GS Johnston and Felicity Pulman chose to go off the beaten track to find their readership.

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And here\’s my pennyworth:
From Alex Martin, author of the most wonderful World War One Saga – Daffodils and its sequel, Peace Lily:
‘Being \’out there\’ in the public eye is both brave and foolhardy but readers are the best judges of whether a book works. Agents and publishers, as far as I can see, want books that sell. Indie writers have more freedom to write stories that move them, where they can bare their souls, reach out to kindred spirits and touch hearts, if they can, without trying to fit a particular genre, and it gives me immense satisfaction to know that I have achieved that. It is here that genuine exploration can occur, without the mercenary ties of making it pay (though very welcome!) and I think it is here that future great writing will be found, not exclusively of course, but the licence of independence gives creativity an unfettered playground in which to chase that elusive muse… It is the future.’

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