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Who\’d have thought writing about a sleepy village in Wiltshire around the time of the first World War would have lead me into research into rubber production? But that\’s where Speedwell is taking me. I\’ve just looked up when pencils with rubbers on the top were introduced into the UK.
The writing life is a strange, magical one.
I shall issue no spoilers here but just let you know that Speedwell is coming along nicely. I\’m on target to publish by the autumn, I hope, and I\’m now over 75k words along. Of course, some of those will be ruthlessly guillotined and never see the light of day, or the printed page, but that\’s for the second draft.
Until then, I\’m off up the #Plotting Shed where my new keyboard is waiting for me to bash the hell out of it!

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on March 25, 2015
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First, I love the cover with the Daffodils and four women in the background playing in the surf, which is taken from a scene in the story.

Daffodils is first a graphic story about World War I and describes in detail the battlefields in France and the great loss of life; it is not for someone just looking for romance as it is based on the reality of war.

Daffodils is a romance for Katy and Jem with lots of ups and downs that will make you smile between the tears as your read of their struggles as a young married couple in wartime.
Daffodils is a comment of the British class system with all the prejudices and snubs the upper class could throw at the working class until the war brought them all together in ways many of them found hard to accept.
Daffodils mostly is a good story with based on accurate historical events.

Comfy keys

Been working so hard on my WIP (follow up to Peace Lily) called Speedwell that I\’ve got RSI in my elbow, of all places. Went and got an external keyboard for my little, awkward laptop today. Couldn\’t believe the price – £5.99! And it\’s bliss. Lovely old fashioned bouncy keys and the satisfying clickety click I remember so well. Doesn\’t take much to keep me happy.
Now about 75k words into first draft. Not quite yet glimpsing the light at the end of the tunnel.
I\’ll light a candle tomorrow, help things along.

#Daffodils http://amzn.to/19iDLtI, #Peace Lily and #The Twisted Vine all 99pence for #MothersDay

In deference to mothers all over the world, all my books are slashed in price to 99 pence sterling for the very short term.
Gifts for Mums are so important. Where would we be without the women who bear us, bring us up and give us our first values in life.
It can be difficult to find something different to give your Mum but you can never have too many stories!