Daffodils\' 46th review in the US #5*s http://amzn.to/19iDLtI


on March 25, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
First, I love the cover with the Daffodils and four women in the background playing in the surf, which is taken from a scene in the story.

Daffodils is first a graphic story about World War I and describes in detail the battlefields in France and the great loss of life; it is not for someone just looking for romance as it is based on the reality of war.

Daffodils is a romance for Katy and Jem with lots of ups and downs that will make you smile between the tears as your read of their struggles as a young married couple in wartime.
Daffodils is a comment of the British class system with all the prejudices and snubs the upper class could throw at the working class until the war brought them all together in ways many of them found hard to accept.
Daffodils mostly is a good story with based on accurate historical events.

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