Rosy Research

Yesterday, my dog, Sky, and I zoomed up and down the motorway for over 200 miles just to go for a walk. I\’m researching a little known battle in the Civil War for my new story, The Rose Trail. It was a cracking walk, if a little far to drive to. The weather was perfect at home, bright and sunny with a crisp autumnal snap to it. At my destination I found a roiling sky of threatening clouds, which only added to the dramatic landscape.
Having fended off no less than three terriers who wanted to steal my picnic, I bumped into a lady with a kind, intelligent face. I had a hunch she\’d know about the history of the place, which I needed, having jumped in the car on a whim that morning. I had not prepared for the trip at all. I had brought none of my helpful research books, or even a map of the territory. This lovely woman told me where the battle had started and that the rout covered the whole of the countryside next to me, literally for miles.
I stood alone, after she had left, having given instructions on where to walk, and pictured the scene almost 400 years ago. I swear I could hear thundering hooves.
Here\’s a few pictures of what I saw.


Anybody recognise it?

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