The Katherine Wheel Series and its readers #amwriting

The Katherine Wheel\'s photo.

I\’m getting some very interesting feedback from readers who\’ve read the whole Katherine Wheel Trilogy. It\’s about Katy\’s character development. Some of them, like me, have struggled to like her at times. I knew it was a dangerous game starting out the whole caboodle with an unsympathetic character but how many of us are totally together and mature in our teenage years? I know I wasn\’t! Katy was very young at the start of Daffodils. She was also pretty foolish, shallow, immature, selfish and naive. It\’s taken her all three books and a world war to really grow up. Even in Speedwell she had to wrestle with her conscience (always a little tardy to arrive) until she finally redeems herself. The other characters, especially Jem, her husband, have to go through hell and high water as the years and events roll by and naturally they have to grow and change and adapt, as we all do.
These perceptive, wonderful readers, have also seen how the theme of change and \’progress\’ are worked into the three books through the points of view of the characters. Cassandra, in particular, finds letting go of the past very difficult and resists the new mechanistic era, clinging to the traditional values she sees rapidly disappearing as the combustion engine drives the modern age, while all the time her husband, Douglas, embraces it wholesale.
But it is Katy who is the, excuse the pun, driver to this series. Faulty, flawed, ambitious and flighty Katy. Clever, resourceful, loyal despite temptations, hardworking and beautiful Katy.

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