Daffodils still #FREE for #Remembrance Sunday http://amzn.to/141yEIG

Daffodils is now #64 overall in the FREE section of Amazon UK and #214 in the US.
Thank you to everyone who downloaded it. It\’s my tribute to the fallen of WW1. I was very moved when I researched this book by the sacrifice made by an entire generation and I\’ve tried to do it justice. When you discover what they went through and how little they were valued after the war, it is truly shocking.
WW1 had a profound effect on society in Britain. Not only were young men cut down in their prime, women had to take over many of their previous roles and found a new, if bitter, freedom.
The Katherine Wheel trilogy explores this phenomenon and how the effects kept rippling through, even to the 1920\’s. I found it interesting to look at the effects of this global conflict on both the rich and the poor and how it drew us closer to our allies in America.
The art of that time clearly demonstrates the mechanistic nature of this war, the first war to involve the whole world. Those denuded trees naked on the annihilated battlefields speak for themselves.

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