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Happy New Year everyone! Wishing everyone a wonderful 2016. May it bring you health, abundance, prosperity and much happiness.

Thank you to everyone who has read my stories and especially to those kind people who took the trouble to leave a rating or review. It makes all the difference when the muse is flagging a little!
I hope to have new story out this year, a ghostly tale which is already making me scared sometimes and introducing a fresh set of characters.

But first, it\’s time to relax and remember the highs and lows of 2015, take a deep breath before we all launch into the new year.

New 5* review for Daffodils currently only 99pence thru January 16

Dec 29, 2015       new review on #Goodreads  where the reader rated it  – it was amazing – 5*s
\”A fantastic story which was written beautifully. I have not read many books based around WW1 and this was just right.

The characters have some hard times and I found myself in tears at times, but overall the story was told in a way I could relate to and understand.

Highly recommended for fans of historical fiction. \”

Just found this review on #Goodreads. I couldn\’t ask for more. AND Daffodils is only 99 pence FOR THE WHOLE OF JANUARY 2016!

New Look Website offering email and subscription

New year, new look.
Readers can now subscribe to this blog and sign up for a newsletter. Don\’t worry – you won\’t be inundated with emails. I hate spam too but a number of readers have asked me to alert them to new books coming out. This being music to my ears I have now changed this blog page to offer this service.
Please feel free to add your email address so you can find out when I\’m launching a new book or posting about freebies, discounted books or events.
I\’m hoping to publish a new story in 2016 called The Rose Trail. I\’ve been working on this project for a couple of years now and it\’s a complex tale of different characters in different time zones and there is still a lot to do. I haven\’t finished the first draft yet but the outline is clear and crisp in my head. As the historical background is new to me – The English Civil War – I am wading through a lot of research before I can continue with the first draft.
I\’m finding this era has a lot of parallels with the present day – the rich getting richer and absolutism provoking rebellious thinking. There were about twenty years when the rulebook got thrown out of British Society. It became a meritocracy – not for nothing were latter day Roundheads called Levellers – and was a time of extremely dynamic change. In this regard, it reminds me of the \’twenties, as depicted in Speedwell ( when society was forced to reorder its hierarchy after the devastation wrought by World War One.
I don\’t choose to write about wars, by the way, it\’s the change they evoke that fascinates me!
I hope you will want to learn alongside me as I continue to delve into research for my stories and sign up for the email alerts.

(PS: as a thank you to all my loyal followers, I\’m putting Daffodils ( at half price through January to celebrate the new year.)

Happy New Year to one and all. May you enjoy peace and prosperity.

#FREE for the #Christmas Holidays! Holiday reading – set in rural France – escape with Roxanne to find love, mystery laced with wine.

The Twisted Vine is now #FREE until Christmas Day.
Grab your copy of escapism. The Twisted Vine is perfect holiday reading. Spend your downtime this Christmas in sun-drenched vineyards, across the mountains of Provence, solving a mystery and maybe even finding true love.

#FREE holiday reading for the holidays

Advance notice that The Twisted Vine  will be free for five days over Christmas from 20th December right through to Christmas Day.
Perfect holiday reading in sun-soaked French vineyards – curl up by the fire with your mince pie and sherry and be transported into deepest rural France while Roxanne is tested to the limit by her adventures.

And #Brooklands makes 3!

Haha, make that 3 reviews all at once! This is from the editor of The Brooklands Bulletin, the magazine (paper) based at Brooklands Motor Museum. Paperbacks of Speedwell are now available in their gift shop. I met Diana Willows quite by chance on a research trip to Brooklands for Speedwell about 18 months ago. She asked me why I was there as she drove me around that famous curved banking in a replica vintage racing car. She\’s been supportive of the Speedwell project ever since and I\’m delighted to report what she made of it:

\”Speedwell is a compelling and intriguing story weaved against a backdrop of life in the 1920s. The adventure features the well-born Cassandra Flintlock-Smythe and her keen American racing driver husband, Douglas, who live on their Wiltshire estate. Running parallel are the lives of Katy and husband, Jem. Katy, formerly a maid at the Manor, is ahead of her time and as a qualified motor engineer is never happier than brandishing an oily rag and tuning up cars. She runs her own garage business and comes up with a clever invention that could have a major impact on the world of motor racing and beyond. The pair have risked their future on the garage and on making it a success. The story takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride as it tracks the ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies of all their fortunes. This is a fast-paced read, with many surprises along the way featuring racing at Brooklands and beyond.\”

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New 5* review for #speedwell \'Formidable level of research & immensely readable\'

It\’s funny about getting reviews. They seem to follow the mythical pattern of buses – you know, nothing for ages, then two at once. Yesterday I had a 5* review for Daffodils. It was short, but oh, so sweet: \”Brilliant from first to last page\” and from a bloke, which shouldn\’t make a difference, but somehow did.
Today I had another 5* for Speedwell. It was longer but still as sweet as honey to receive:
\”It was an era of great social change when the upper classes began to slide … 5*****

\”This is the third novel in the series and the author does an admirable job of blending hard fact with fiction. A lot of historical fiction can be plodding and bogged down with detail. A truly formidable level of research has gone into this novel, bringing a high level of believability and a strong sense of place, occasion and character. And although there are lots of historical facts underpinning this book, it remains immensely readable.
Speedwell takes us into the roaring twenties, and the advent of the motor car. It was an era of great social change when the upper classes began to slide into some decline and the rise of the working man, or woman in this case, began to rise. Refreshing that the heroine of the tale is a car mechanic and not the standard nurse.
A good solid read, with interesting development of all the characters through these exciting times. \”…/pr…/B012ZWS6UG/ref=series_rw_dp_sw