New 5* review for #speedwell \'Formidable level of research & immensely readable\'

It\’s funny about getting reviews. They seem to follow the mythical pattern of buses – you know, nothing for ages, then two at once. Yesterday I had a 5* review for Daffodils. It was short, but oh, so sweet: \”Brilliant from first to last page\” and from a bloke, which shouldn\’t make a difference, but somehow did.
Today I had another 5* for Speedwell. It was longer but still as sweet as honey to receive:
\”It was an era of great social change when the upper classes began to slide … 5*****

\”This is the third novel in the series and the author does an admirable job of blending hard fact with fiction. A lot of historical fiction can be plodding and bogged down with detail. A truly formidable level of research has gone into this novel, bringing a high level of believability and a strong sense of place, occasion and character. And although there are lots of historical facts underpinning this book, it remains immensely readable.
Speedwell takes us into the roaring twenties, and the advent of the motor car. It was an era of great social change when the upper classes began to slide into some decline and the rise of the working man, or woman in this case, began to rise. Refreshing that the heroine of the tale is a car mechanic and not the standard nurse.
A good solid read, with interesting development of all the characters through these exciting times. \”…/pr…/B012ZWS6UG/ref=series_rw_dp_sw

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