New Look Website offering email and subscription

New year, new look.
Readers can now subscribe to this blog and sign up for a newsletter. Don\’t worry – you won\’t be inundated with emails. I hate spam too but a number of readers have asked me to alert them to new books coming out. This being music to my ears I have now changed this blog page to offer this service.
Please feel free to add your email address so you can find out when I\’m launching a new book or posting about freebies, discounted books or events.
I\’m hoping to publish a new story in 2016 called The Rose Trail. I\’ve been working on this project for a couple of years now and it\’s a complex tale of different characters in different time zones and there is still a lot to do. I haven\’t finished the first draft yet but the outline is clear and crisp in my head. As the historical background is new to me – The English Civil War – I am wading through a lot of research before I can continue with the first draft.
I\’m finding this era has a lot of parallels with the present day – the rich getting richer and absolutism provoking rebellious thinking. There were about twenty years when the rulebook got thrown out of British Society. It became a meritocracy – not for nothing were latter day Roundheads called Levellers – and was a time of extremely dynamic change. In this regard, it reminds me of the \’twenties, as depicted in Speedwell ( when society was forced to reorder its hierarchy after the devastation wrought by World War One.
I don\’t choose to write about wars, by the way, it\’s the change they evoke that fascinates me!
I hope you will want to learn alongside me as I continue to delve into research for my stories and sign up for the email alerts.

(PS: as a thank you to all my loyal followers, I\’m putting Daffodils ( at half price through January to celebrate the new year.)

Happy New Year to one and all. May you enjoy peace and prosperity.

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