#Brooklands Bulletin Review of Speedwell

I\’m thrilled with this review of Speedwell, now published in the Brooklands Bulletin Magazine and written by its editor, Diana Willows. Diana has been incredibly supportive after I met her at Brooklands on a research trip a year ago this month. As she drove us around the racing track, with me hanging on for dear life as we negotiated the really steep curving bank, she asked me why I was there and I told her all about the third book in the Katherine Wheel trilogy. She\’s since read the book and here\’s the photos of her review and magazine.

Brooklands Bulletin Magazine for January/February 2016

Diana\’s review of Speedwell

And here\’s Diana Willow\’s review in full:
Speedwell – book three in the Katherine Wheel series, by
Alex Martin £8.99 in the Museum Shop.

Speedwell is a compelling and intriguing story weaved against a
backdrop of life in the 1920s. The adventure features the well-born
Cassandra Flintlock-Smythe and her keen American racing driver
husband, Douglas, who live on their Wiltshire estate. Running
parallel are the lives of Katy and husband Jem. Katy, formerly a maid
at the manor, is ahead of her time and as a qualified motor engineer
is never happier than when brandishing an oily rag and tuning cars.
She runs her own garage business and comes up with a clever
invention that could have a major impact on the world of motor
racing and beyond. The pair have risked their future on the garage
and on making it a success. The story takes the reader on a rollercoaster
ride as it tracks the ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies
of all their fortunes. This is a fast-paced read, with many surprises
along the way featuring racing at Brooklands and beyond.
Alex Martin reminds us that the characters and most of the places
are created from her imagination and while historical facts have
been researched carefully, she is clear about taking liberties with
dates and the use of artistic licence to fit the story.
The Amazon link for an e-book version is http://amzn.to/1SjD4cD
The first two books in the Katherine Wheel series are book one – Daffodils and book two – Peace Lily.
Each is a complete story.
Diana Willows

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