Doing a free promotion is an odd feeling, giving away something you\’ve slogged so hard at for nothing but not only have Peace Lily and Speedwell benefited, my writer\’s heart was completely uplifted by the following review. Maybe I would never have reached this reader, had I not done the giveaway and I feel truly rewarded now.

\”5.0 out of 5 stars

Daffodils (The Katherine Wheel Book 1) 

Rarely do I read a book this good. Told from the point of view of Katy, a young English woman 

of working class roots, who moves from service as a maid in a manor house to marriage
 to working as a mechanic in France during WW1. The world changes incredibly during
 those years and this is an excellent recounting of those changes from a woman\’s point of view. 
Primary in the story is the love and marriage of Katy and Jem with strong secondary characters 
being brought in throughout the story. I bought the next book in the series within 5 minutes of 
finishing this one. The writing is excellent, emotional and descriptive, with well developed characters.
It is well edited, with no profanity or descriptive sexual scenes.\”

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