Awesome review shifted #writer\'s block

Life has kept me away from the keyboard lately and I lost my writing mojo along the way. This has been terrifying. Two recent reviews, both for Daffodils, have restored my confidence a bit. I cannot stress enough how important constructive reviews are. They are worth more than money, more than gold, for the impact they have on a writer. To write at all consumes vast amounts of energy. Every author must draw deep upon the creative well. When mine dried up, I felt lost. A big thank you then to each and every reviewer who has taken the time and trouble to post a positive review for any of my books.
Daffodils is still #free to celebrate its season of spring. Daffodils
Here are those reviews that melted my heart:

product rating stars Fantastic book.

\”This book is one of the best I have read recently. The story is amazing. Set at the beginning of WW1, it is about an manor house and its estate incorporating the manor house family members, its workers both in the house, garden, and around the estate. This book is written extremely well. The author\’s talent for writing is so good that I felt I was there among the characters, on and off the battlefield, in hospital tent etc (without giving too much away). If an author can do this for the reader, it proves how marvellous the writing, choice of words, is. And not forgetting the emotions I felt through the story. Even at the end, I had tears (of joy). Well done Alex Martin.\”

product rating stars

\”I have read all three of this series. All excellent story lines, great characters, these are books that you will find you want to never stop reading until you find the outcome of each of the characters stories. Thoroughly recommend if you like ongoing family stories. I do hope Alex Martin writes more of these.\”

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