The Rose Trail #FREE!

#FREE! This Easter weekend –The Rose Trail – 

a spine tingling timeslip ghost story

#FREE for the Easter weekend, The Rose Trail has already clocked up 

some great 5* reviews. A gripping tale of a tormented ghost seeking 

revenge, this story will make your spine tingle. Fay, a reluctant psychic,

is dragged into a romantic triangle where brother is set against brother 

during the English Civil War and the woman they both love cannot find


Can Fay resolve this desperate tangle? She must somehow release her 

new friend, Persephone, from the terrifying events that haunt her 

Elizabethan Manor house, but only when her husband is away….

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\”5*s It’s dark, haunting and riveting and moves a a good steady place with the occasional revelation that shocks the reader.\”
\”5*s A combination of love, tragedies, friendships, past and present, lashings of historical aspects, religious bias, controlling natures all combined with the supernatural give this novel a wonderful page-turning quality.\”
\”5*s An engrossing and truly original read! Fay and Persephone are possessed by two long-dead characters from a turbulent time in England\’s history, whose short, tragic lives were entwined almost four centuries ago. The Rose trail took me on a gripping, complex journey and didn\’t release its hold until the very last page.\”
Grab your #FREE copy today! 

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