Heartfelt thanks to all reviewers

I\’ve been distracted from blissful writing activities by my dear old Dad becoming terminally ill with that dread disease, cancer. It was greatly cheering to receive four 5* reviews for Daffodils this morning in America, followed swiftly by a fifth.
People who leave these lovely reviews need to know how much it means to any author to receive them. At such a particularly busy and distressing time, it means even more.

Here\’s some of what they said:

\”Great read. Held my interest from the very first pages\”
\”Development of characters was very good and the story was well told. Don\’t want to give it away but I got goosebumps in the last couple chapters. It got to me, nicely done.\”
Excellent read!\”

So a sincere thank you to these readers and to all those who\’ve done the same. Means the world.

2 thoughts on “Heartfelt thanks to all reviewers

  1. Alex Martin is an extraordinary author! his latest book ''In the plotting shed'' was very well written and the character development was very good! its a must read.


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