Woodbine and Ivy Rewrite 4

Talking about my current work in progress (WIP)  to a good friend last night, I realised what I had been denying all along. It\’s not working. I\’m 27000 words in and I\’m going to have to ditch them and start draft number 4. It\’s a big book, spanning the whole of World War Two in 2 countries and the research is daunting enough but the story isn\’t pulling together. I\’ve been working against the grain for months trying to get the momentum going and my epiphany last night showed me why it isn\’t.
But that\’s okay!
This is what writing is like. It\’s a journey.
I start today\’s session with a blank page.
I think this is the hardest book I have ever attempted.
Here goes – got to get my head back in the shed.

And this is how the shed started – on solid foundations!

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