I\’ve just had my 2000th rating on #Goodreads – an enormous book club used all over the world.
My batting average is 4.09*stars out of a maximum 5*. This was achieved over six books – the same number as Jane Austen published in her short lifetime. Her average is 4.01* stars so I\’m very happy with my score.
Goodreads is a website well worth getting to know if you are a bookworm. It covers all genres and tastes and has a reputation for harsh critiques, no holds barred.
At first, I found it hard to navigate but it\’s worth pursuing. You can connect with other avid readers and discover books through their recommendations that you might not find elsewhere and delve into genres that tempt you out of your comfort zone.
There are groups and friendships you can join and you can chat in forums to your heart\’s content.
Check it out if you haven\’t already found it!

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