Youtube – what a resource

I\’m deeply embroiled in finishing, yes finishing, Woodbine. Remember me discussing Woodbine and Ivy? Well, it\’s definitely going to be two books, possibly even three, to round off the Katherine Wheel Saga. I\’ve had my head down all summer, writing and, inevitably, researching. I do pop up occasionally to greet friends and family and share a glass or two but mostly, I\’ve been back in the 1930s.
Here\’s a wonderful newsreel from the pivotal year of 1939.
Luckily for me, it\’s a review of the entire year and is an atmospheric reminder of the build-up to World War Two. You really get a sense of propaganda in the tone of the announcer\’s voice, trying to make out that the impending disaster is somehow thrilling instead of terrifying, as it must have been – especially to those who had already lived through the previous great conflict.
Woodbine involves the children of Katy Phipps and Cassandra Flintock-Smythe as they face the danger and impending threat of Nazism spreading across the globe.
I\’ve yet to pen Ivy, the final book, and it\’s a daunting challenge but it\’s a good feeling to have got halfway through this ambitious project.
Here\’s the newsreel:

Review of the year 1939Britain prepares for war in autumn of 1939

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