Narberth Book Fair

Had a great time at the Narberth Book Fair  (  ) last weekend. Sold lots of books, met fabulous readers and other authors who inspired me. The event was well attended, despite the Welsh rain, or maybe because of it! Perfect reading weather, after all. Who wouldn\’t want to curl up with a new book on a wet afternoon at the end of September? Lots of people bought books as Christmas presents, which was especially satisfying.
I had no new books to sell as they are all still waiting in the wings, but I can announce that Willow and Woodbine are finished and Ivy is well on the way – although it\’s a massive challenge.
I hope the new book cover for Willow will whet your appetite. (No pun intended!)

Willow is novella sized but will still be printed as a paperback, and will bridge the generation gap between Speedwell and Woodbine.
Katy and Cassandra\’s children have an adventure on a river lined with willow trees. They set off in high spirits, never realising the consequences that will unfold from their spree. The repercussions will ripple on for years and influence events in Woodbine too.

3 thoughts on “Narberth Book Fair

  1. Hello Sam, thanks for your enthusiasm for my books. It's great to know you raced through the first three in the KW series. Willow hasn't been published yet. It will be soon, along with Woodbine and Ivy. Together they will make up the last three in the series but I want to finish the draft of Ivy before I let the others, already written, go out in the world. They are all linked so I need to make sure the research pans out correctly. Won't be long! If you follow me on Amazon on my author page will be advised of new releases. I will also be sending out a newsletter to announce it and I'll put a post on this blog. Thanks again. You've given me a boost! xx


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