New Book, new cover!

Excited to reveal the new cover for my new book, coming out very soon:

As you can see, Woodbine is Book Five in the Katherine Wheel Series.
Ivy, Book Six, will hopefully follow soon as it is part 2 of Woodbine, in a way!

Lottie, her sister Isobel and Al, the man they both love, are on the brink of adulthood and the Second World War in Woodbine, the fifth book in The Katherine Wheel Series.

Trapped and alone in occupied France, Lottie must disguise her identity and avoid capture if she is to return and heal the bitter feud over the future of Cheadle Manor.

Back in England, Al is determined to prove himself. He joins the Air Transport Auxiliary service, flying aeroplanes to RAF bases all over the country.

Isobel defies everyone’s expectations by becoming a land girl. Bound by a promise to a dying woman, she struggles to break free and follow her heart.
I\’ll keep you posted when it\’s fully published!

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