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 Narberth Book Fair had to be cancelled, sadly, like so many other events and gatherings this year, but had the brilliant wheeze of putting on a virtual literary festival in its place, called Literally Online. 

Lots of gifted authors were there being interviewed by either Judith Barrow or Thorne Moore, both exceptional writers themselves. Just click on to see all the interviews. I\’m there too, talking about The Katherine Wheel Series and my new project, the sequel to The Rose Trail, where Fay and Percy head off to Anglesey to rescue a rock musician whose new studio is being haunted.

You may need to subscribe to to view these interviews. The monthly fee is £1.99, far less than the price of a cup of coffee, which can be cancelled at any time as there is no pressure to enter into a  contract of any sort. There\’s lots of other information on the website and programmes about the paranormal (very appropriate), music festivals, books, music and events (for the future naturally!).

So grab that cup of coffee and join me in a chat!

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