New Book: Making Waves

Recommended for lovers of Sci-Fi or any other reader!

Thorne Moore

Welcome to Triton, the largest moon of Neptune. Or, welcome to Triton again, if you have already read INSIDE OUT. It’s a little bit chilly, and it’s a little bit distant (only about 4.5 billion kilometres away, give or take). But it’s a freedom-loving place, especially if you’re a corporation keen to maximise your profits without having to pay lip service to all those niggly little regulations like human rights. Because the great thing about the Outer Circles, beyond Jupiter, is that there’s no fussing about with law to tie you down.

So why not give Triton a try. If you’re willing to put your back into it, it’s a place to make an eye-watering fortune. Because, as you know, work makes you free. Of course it doesn’t live up to everyone’s expectations. If you want it easy, or you’re over-sensitive, or your reactions are a little bit…

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