Hello, dearest Readers,

I hope this finds you well in these strangest of times with wave after wave of changes and negativity for us all to cope with. I know I have really struggled over this winter and my muse has sadly left me. I’m hoping this will be a temporary absence from creativity as nothing makes me happier than writing a new story. Even as I write this, I can feel the spring sunshine prompting me to dig a little deeper into my subconscious and see what might be lurking there.

In the meantime, I’m offering not one but two free gifts! Both the first book and the last in The Katherine Wheel Series are #free for a few days. JUST CLICK ON THE TITLES TO GO TO THE PURCHASE PAGE


It all began with Daffodils at the start of World War One when the three families, the Beagles, Phipps and Smythes, lived near to each other but were socially poles apart. Their story spanned six books altogether, with Ivy bringing all the love they had exchanged through the intervening years to a positive conclusion. Daffodils symbolised the hope that WW1 would bring the end of all wars. Their yellow trumpets form a contrast to the traditional poppies which emerged post-war on the battlefields where so many young men had spilled their red blood. I chose these harbingers of spring because Book One of The Katherine Series focuses instead on the women who were the backbone of the war effort behind the scenes and, like Katy, were emancipated by stepping outside the rigid social circles that had previously confined them. By the time we reach WW11, women played a far bigger role and were often seen as the equal of their male counterparts, and recognised for it too. By then, Katy had a family of her own, as did her old boss and friend, Cassandra, and it is this generation we follow in Ivy as they face different challenges in the conflict of their time. You can catch up with all the dramas in between by reading the other four books in the series, Peace Lily, Speedwell, Willow, and Woodbine.

Now we watch with anxiety as the world is plunged into another black moment of history whose outcome no one can predict.

Books, however, are always reliable! Please spread the word about these two books going free for a little while and if you haven’t read them yet, now’s your chance to get them for absolutely nothing! If you have (and hopefully liked them), it would be so lovely to have a positive review.

All love to each of you, keep well, keep hopeful.


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