Life goes on…

Hello dear Readers, I hope this finds you well.
Today is a special, historic day that will be felt around the world. Life goes on even after a bereavement, and living in the UK at this momentous time it’s impossible to be unaware of the sudden, though not unexpected, death of our monarch, Queen Elizabeth the Second. After such a long and dedicated reign of service, her absence is marked by everyone, including those who do not call themselves Royalists. Elizabeth II was a symbol of stability who gave a lifetime of service, incredibly right up to the day before she died at the age of 96, and who was an example of someone who genuinely cared about others, no matter their background. Today brings the state funeral and a rite of passage for our new king, Charles III. The monarchy can look anachronistic in our fast, digital, connected world but it stands for something I can’t identify or name, and the Queen’s demise has touched people’s hearts.
The future is more uncertain now than it ever was and climate change threatens us all. The war in Ukraine has pressurised the entire world to think again, and quickly, about how to use energy wisely. It is certainly a time of change as a new era awaits.
The Katherine Wheel Series spans another time of change over the two World Wars. Book One, Daffodils, is currently #free, so grab a copy while you can. It has also received over 3000 reviews and ratings now and I’m grateful to everyone who took the time and trouble to write and let me know their experience of reading my story. I hope you go on to read the five sequels in the saga too.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a new project. Quite a different one and set in the first Elizabethan age, a time of great discoveries and daring adventures. The research is daunting but absolutely fascinating. I’ll post updates on my progress as it goes along here at The Plotting Shed.
And in the meantime, good luck with all your endeavours,
with love, Alexxx
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